Just a random girl from germany who loves to post about her sims ♦ - call me sarah // this is a nsfw simblr couse sims are sextoys. lol just kidding. have fun on my blog baby's ❤ if you have some questions -> please check my FAQ before you ask me. maybe you'll find your answer there. :)

daamn isabellas booty in ts4 *pedoface* 

daamn isabellas booty in ts4 *pedoface* 

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isabella ♥

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I think the anon asking for the hat with the straight hair is referring to Alesso Radiate and The hair your sim is wearing in your profile picture is by Cazy

thank you :)


so here you are anon :)

I am new to tumblr and have recently started my own simblr ^.^ so I was just wondering who you follow and who you recommend to follow ^.^ like your fav blogs :)



Ahh, there’s a lot though…

wundersims playingsims simsimmy leahlillith joes-stuff bohosims bonnypixels foxalopes venomremii violetmoonsims essiesims simmilicious freckledfemlock ohmygreenplumblobs ohmysim eroticsim pixeltricks simblrverse woohoodlums touchmypixels woohoo-juice-simoleons woohootycall irikesims moonseoul doitforthesims pixelallure lesimsfashionista dorktasticsoul leithdrew blondechaos gigasims awwnooboo adriannecarroll monolithsims simstaplease seventhecho randuhhxx prettypixelated captainsimerica kirabounards kinomisim missfortunesims simluxx gdsims circasim liegt theperksofbeingasim beautifulplumbobs letthesimmingbegin melanieselestasims mimisapje plumboobz socks-sims-antics oblivionsouls iggysim simptuous xanezephyr pixelmafia lifestylesimblr noelyely noviebird

These are some of my favourites. But don’t take my word, go explore and see what you like and who you like. But these guys, I looooove these blogs. Check them out for sure.<3

Checked out your faq and wcif, but maybe I missed it. What skintone are you using on the Sanchez family? (the females)


starfruit skin (hd defined eyes) :)

Where did you've got those beautiful tattoos from the mother i guess?


i think i answerd this in my wcif tag :)



The Sims 4 demo now open to everyone!

Visit TheSims.com and register to get the demo! 

Ich habe mich gleich angemeldet! :)


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Maaan, Isabella&Daniel and Hailie&Taylor give me so much feels whenever I come here, I'm literally crying. Their family is so cute and the sex pics omfg, I love you. Do you think you'll ever put any of them for download? I would cry if I could play with them ;_;


omg thank you so much! let me love you ♥

i think i will put them for download if i don’t like sims 3 anymore..
but sometimes, i still play my game :)
i’m just so sad .. even if i try to recreate them in ts4, they
would look different :/ maybe with cc!

I don't think MJ has left, some idiots were talking shit about her/her hair on simsecret last night and I'm sure it got to her so I'm guessing she's taking a break :////


what? wtf is simsecret ? gosh what is wrong with some people?
they really have to care about their own life. and her hair? mj has long
and beautiful hair so whats the problem? 
bullying through the internet is for people wihout balls #fuckyou





2 of 3 of my  fav blogs are gone now (mj and nicole)

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FIFA World Cup Winners 2014- GERMANY

Germanyyyyy 😆😆😆👌
Sorry for spamming but we woon ❤

Germanyyyyy 😆😆😆👌
Sorry for spamming but we woon ❤

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another dark picture ♥

another dark picture ♥

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